PrEXCELerator Bulgaria is the first and only startup ecosystem in Bulgaria which is not limited only to validation of startup ideas at proof-of-concept and MVP stage. Moreover, we work with already operating starups to boost their /international/ business development and funding in and outside Bulgaria, as well as their operations through pivots.

A fast increasing number of pre-seed, seed-stage and scaleup companies approach us to enter our international ecosystem of multiple business development opportunities.

The pre-accelerator startup platform PrEXCELerator Bulgaria covers industrial verticals which include 15 various industries, and makes accessible a pool of over 100 industry experts in such 15 areas. This makes us the 1st early-stage startup platform focused on industry-specific tech solutions.

Our tech hubs represent Bulgaria in international partnerships and act as a liaison between Bulgarian startups and scaleups with international business opportunities and/or investors.

We are the exclusive partner for Bulgaria of 10 international organizations in the UK, Germany, and Austria. The company works in partnership with over 15 international startup and investor companies with the view to furnish the best of business opportunities to startups once they have validated their business ideas through the PrEXCELerator.

PrEXCELerator is the only startup ecosystem in Bulgaria that works with PropTech and ConTech business solutions, and the full range of impact ventures.

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As far as impact ventures are concerned, solutions for the most part come along the following Top 5 lines:
SDG 11 | 14 impact ventures which equal 18 % of all mapped social enterprises.
SDG 4 | 14, or 18 % of the overall group. For a closer look upon the specifics of this sector and estimated trends, see EduTech Bulgaria: Market Overview by Kaloyan Kirilov in Report Sections.

SDG 12 | 10 ventures that equal 13 % of the overall size.
SDG 8 | 9, or 12 % of the overall butch size.
SDG 10 | 8, or equal to 9 %.
All these ventures work with disadvantaged people.

As for CSR projects,   solutions for the most part come along the following TOP 5 lines, as introduced on the Figure below:
SDG 10 | 35 CSR projects which correspond to 24 % of the butch size.
SDG 4 | 31 initiatives that equal 18 %.
SDG 12 | 27 initiatives, or 13 %.
SDG 3 | 6 projects, or 8 %.
SDG 11 | 5 projects, or 7 % of the overall mapped size.

According to CAF World Giving Index, in the last 10 year aggregate scores and ranking of 126 countries, Bulgaria comes at:
120-th place overall
107-th place of helping a stranger
98-th place of generosity/donations
124-th place of volunteering.

It is quite unlikely to get all impact ventures classified under a single model. When it comes to companies or initiatives targeting people which we would not normally assume to beat risk, we would better apply some other model which to make stand certain Bulgarian impact solutions. Given that the solutions of study below focus upon the middle-class needs, equally, people suffering no ‘oppressive’ problems, we have opted to go for the Maslow’s Pyramid model to produce classification.

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