Description found! is a 5-month accelerator program for social entrepreneurs whose projects help to prepare refugees for the Austrian labor market, creating job opportunities, and helping them to build a life and livelihood in their new country. It is an established initiative in the Austrian social impact community by the Deloitte Future Fund, [...]

Mapping Analysis


Description In this first issue of BULGARIA: Impact Ventures Mapping Report 2020 we set the focus on such companies that qualify for ‘impact ventures’. The current Report leaves out of focus all charities and all traditional type of business, rather, we focus on the Revenue-generating social enterprises together with the socially driven business [...]

Bulgaria in Good Deeds Index


Description As reported by the National Revenue Agency, the total amount of donations for Y2018 comes at BGN 100 140 819 which is a 1 % decrease of year-over-year performance compared to BGN 1.25M donations in the previous year. Read more in the Report. Details Author :  Gabriela Presolska Category [...]

Social Entrepreneurship


Description Description At the beginning of May 2019, the Law on Enterprises of Social and Solidarity Economy enters into force. In this way, the social entrepreneurship sector is finally regulated. A special register of social enterprises in the country is expected to enter into force by the beginning of 2020, listing all participants [...]



Description The last 7-8 years some big international players and startups enter the EdTech market. They will change significantly the whole landscape. We can group them in several fields based on their services and most of them serve students in school.Read more in the Report. Details Author :  Kaloyan Kirilov MBA Category [...]

Cultural Tourism


Description The cultural tourism in Bulgaria is a broad concept, with many different interests behind it. Undoubtedly, its management is entrusted to the Ministry of Tourism, and as far as cultural events are concerned, they are under the authority of the Ministry of Culture. At the regional level, the cultural calendar is managed by [...]



Description Kids’ Educational chatbot “Boris” is a project in partnership between “Bio-Games”, a company providing kids’ science education through live interactive games (events), and a chatbot agency as the technology partner.“Boris” is a school buddy, an interactive software solution for educational assistance to kids. As a virtual assistant, it imitates chatting with a [...]



Description A smart social media platform where people register and exchange their skills and knowledge. They learn from each other which is the most effective way. Since in the P2P learning model the key is not so much the level of expertise but the personality of the person with/from whom you will learn we [...]